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Still Alive: May 19th, 2018
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I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle
This is one of the webcomics I've gotten interested in.
School of Water Business stuff.
Sailor Moon's American Dream
Fanfiction. This used to be on Geocities. You can find seven of the these stories now at Fanfiction.net under my real, actual and never-to-be forgotten name (at least among you mortals): Tom Sewell. Don't confuse me with all those other "Tom Sewell" 's, including the one who lives in Hawaii. Don't confuse me with Tom Ewell either, the guy in The Seven Year Itch because I am still alive, more or less (although I would really liked to have lived downstairs from Marilyn Monroe.)

Because I forgot my old password, my newest story on FanFiction.net is written under a pen name, The Old Gringo, which I will use from now on.